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8-Bit Arcade Monthly Match Play Tournament

03/21/2017 08:30 PM

@ 8-bit Arcade Bar
916 S 3rd St # 3RD

8-Bit Arcade Monthly Match Play Tournament

Come join us for our Monthly MATCH PLAY event.

5 rounds guaranteed in the qualifier then we have semi finals for top 8 and finals for top 4. Each final round will be another 4 games using Multi-Play format (Tournament worth 100% TGP).
We PAY OUT TO TOP 8 with Raffle Prizes & Happy Hour Prices! $10 Entry per person.

Come and play a minimum 5 rounds of 4 players match play for the qualifiers (scored 7/5/3/1) with the top 8 moving onto the finals!
In the first round players will be seeded by IFPA ranking and will play an "adjacent" round (player of similar ranked playing together). Subsequent round will be played using a "balanced" match up (not Swiss) so everyone would 'likely' play each other's.

At the end of 5 rounds, the 8 players with the highest amount of point will move on to the top 8 round. Only significant tie breaker for 8th spot will play a game, other ones will be done automatically.

We have 2 groups of 4 people starting a MULTI-PLAY round! Each 4 player group will start a 4 player game on a bank of 4 contiguous machines (Scored 7/5/3/1). Group seeding will be done using standard PAPA (1/4/5/8 annd 2/3/6/7). At the end of the round of Multi-Play the TOP 2 players of each group will move into the final 4.

Then top 4 will move into the final for a final round of MULTI-PLAY round exactly as above!

Tournaments will start @8:30pm, Have fun and play more pinball! :)

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